The Florham Park PTA offers a lunch program that is catered by Michelle’s Catering.  You will be able to order lunch every day for your child if you choose.  Michelle’s Catering will be offering standard everyday items for purchase such as sandwiches and bagels, as well as a daily hot entrée. Snacks and fruits and vegetables will be offered for purchase as well.

Allergy Statement:

Michelle’s Catering does not use any kind of nuts, peanut oil or seeds in any recipes. Many different manufacturers are used for the food that is served, and there may be a question about a product being made in a “nut free” facility, including wheat, egg and soy contents. If you have any concerns, Michelle’s Catering will provide the labels and nutrition values from those products to you. With any questions, Michelle has an open door policy for visitors to the kitchen.  Any inquiries about ingredients, carbohydrate counts, allergy warnings etc., should be directed to Michelle via email or phone call BEFORE placing your order.  She can be reached at or 973.214.0628. She is happy help before the start of the school year.  Please be aware that if a problem or question requiring immediate attention arises during school hours the best way to reach Michelle is via phone call or text.


Our lunch ordering is done online through  Please go to the website and set up a new account.  If you have older children in the school system and already have an account you will only need to add your incoming child to your existing account.

New parents please follow the instructions below:

  • From the home screen, select New Parents
  • Then follow the instructions to Sign Up for a New Account.  You must enter an email address, so we can have the ability to communicate with you via email concerning ordering information.
  • On the next screen, choose Add a Child.
  • From the school list, choose NJ, Morris, Florham Park, Florham Park School System.
  • The next prompt will say Choose a Homeroom.  If you have not yet received your child’s teacher select “Don’t know yet”. It is very important that you change this after you have been advised of your child’s homeroom teacher later this summer.  You will not be able to place your order until you input your child’s homeroom.
  • Add your child’s name
  • After this step is complete, go to the Settings Tab and select  “Choose Mail Preference”.  It is recommended that you choose BOTH  “send me system reminders or ordering” as well as “include emails from the administrators, newsletters, etc.”  This is how we communicate everything associated with lunch including ordering dates and deadlines.

Online payments can be made via credit/debit cards (AMEX is not accepted).


Hot lunch service will be begin Tuesday, September 11th. Ordering for the first session will take place from August 24th through August 31st. Please be on the look out for the email notifications. The PTA looks forward to offering your children a great lunch program.

If you have any questions or difficulties registering please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Nicole Takla - PTA Food Coordinator -


We hope you have a great year!

Nicole Takla

PTA Food Coordinator


Session 1

Session 1

September 11th – October 12th (Ordering Dates: August 28th-September 2nd)

Session 2

October 15th – November 30th (Ordering Dates: September 24th-October 3rd)

Session 3

December 3rd – February 1st (Ordering Dates: November12th- November 19th)

Session 4

February 4th – March 29th (Ordering Dates: January 14th-January 22nd)

Session 5

April 1st – May 17th (Ordering Dates: March 11th –March 18th)

Session 6

May 20th – June 14th (Ordering Dates: April 29th-May 7th)