PTA is proud to Sponsor many of the events RMS offers
8th GRde DANCE

Ridgedale Dances

The PTA runs two dances a year at Ridgedale Gym for RMS students. Ridgedale VPs along with parent and teacher volunteers chaperone the events.



RMS Pep Rallies

PTA sponsors two Pep Rallies a year for the students at Ridgedale Middle School.  The Pep Rallies are held in November and April.

Fall Pep Rally- November 27th, 2019

Spring Pep Rally - April 9th


Talent Show

The Talent Show is open to all Ridgedale students and  takes place over 2 evenings. Ticket sales from this event are used to offset the cost of the 8th grade dance.

Talent Show:  March 5 &6

Ridgedale Field Day Picnic

PTA sponsors the Field Day Picnic lunch for the students and staff.  The lunch kicks off the school's annual field day.

Picnic-  Friday, June 19th 

8th Grade Dance

The PTA sponsors the 8th grade graduation dance that is held  in June at the Ridgedale Gym.  It's a beautiful night of memories  for our 8th Grade students.

Dance -  Friday, June 5th 



8th Grade Pool Party

The PTA sponsors the 8th Grade Pool party with lunch for the students and staff each year to celebrate 8th grade graduation.

Pool Party-  June  TBD


8th Grade Yearbook Signing Breakfast

PTA organizes  the 8th grade breakfast with the help of parent volunteers and donations.  This event was introduce last year and was  a great success.  We are excited to continue this event this year for the upcoming 8th grade class.

Breakfast- June 19th 

Florham Park & East Hanover 8th Grade Mingle

Florham Park PTA  join forces with the East Hanover PTA  to bring the kids together for a meet and greet before they start high school.   It is a great day of fun.  This year Ridgedale Middle School will be hosting the event.


Date to be Announced