PTA is proud to Sponsor many of the events RMS offers
8th GRde DANCE

Ridgedale Dances

The PTA runs two dances a year at Ridgedale Gym for RMS students. Ridgedale VPs along with parent and teacher volunteers chaperone the events.


Winter Dance- Friday, January 25th 

Any questions regarding the dance, please contact Alfie Zirpoli or Jenn Gossweiler

RMS Pep Rallies

PTA sponsors two Pep Rallies a year for the students at Ridgedale Middle School.  The Pep Rallies are held in November and April.

Fall Pep Rally- November 21st 

Spring Pep Rally - April 12th 


Talent Show

The Talent Show is open to all Ridgedale students and  takes place over 2 evenings. Ticket sales from this event are used to offset the cost of the 8th grade dance.

Talent Show: February 28- March 1st

Ridgedale Field Day Picnic

PTA sponsors the Field Day Picnic lunch for the students and staff.  The lunch kicks off the school's annual field day.

Picnic-  Friday, June 14th 

8th Grade Dance

The PTA sponsors the 8th grade graduation dance that is held  in June at the Ridgedale Gym.  It's a beautiful night of memories  for our 8th Grade students.

Dance -  Friday, June 7th 

8th Grade Dance Meeting- Wednesday, 10/17 at 7:30 PM in the Akhoury Room at the Florham Park Library. 


54 Main Street 

8th Grade Pool Party

The PTA sponsors the 8th Grade Pool party with lunch for the students and staff each year to celebrate 8th grade graduation.

Pool Party-  June 19th 


8th Grade Yearbook Signing Breakfast

PTA organizes  the 8th grade breakfast with the help of parent volunteers and donations.  This event was introduce last year and was  a great success.  We are excited to continue this event this year for the upcoming 8th grade class.

Breakfast- June 19th 

Florham Park & East Hanover 8th Grade Mingle

Florham Park PTA  join forces with the East Hanover PTA  to bring the kids together for a meet and greet before they start high school.   It is a great day of fun.  This year Ridgedale Middle School will be hosting the event.


Date to be Announced