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Florham Park PTA is an enthusiastic participant in the Box Tops for Education program. We rely on our students’ families and friends to clip these little rectangles from their packages and send them in with their student!  We have raised over $5000 throughout the last several years and know that number can increase.

We are planning several contests throughout the year. The class who brings in the most for each grade level  will be recognized.  Start clipping now and please send them in with your teacher name and grade level indicated. Please collect in a ziplock bag .

A few other things to keep in mind:

– Box tops can be sent in at any time during the year however there are two deadlines that are used as a cut off for Florham Park's reimbursement check. The first is November 1st, so please send in as many as you can by Friday October 21st.

-Some grocery stores offer Bonus Box Tops that print on grocery store receipts and/or coupon paper. Submit these too!

-Box Tops expire so please pay attention to the expiration date!

-Checkout for more information!

Check out a new way to collect Box Tops for our schools.

Bonus Apps